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Jonathan King - Earth To King


Jonathan King's briliant new collection featuring a plethora of thought provoking new tracks aswell as the smash hits of the 60s and 70s.

CD2 contains 100 6 minute Autobiographical Video Blogs (ranging from 1944 to 2007) - TEN HOURS of JK ramblings - plus many videos for the music tracks on CD1 presented in the Quicktime format.

Sleeve notes

At 62, I reckoned my performing days were over. "Music is a young peoples' thing", I reckoned. But, as I found myself wrongly incarcerated for several years, I started to revise my opinion. Why wouldn't I write some more songs ? As long as I wasn't pretending to be something I'm not - young, groovy, hip or trendy - what was wrong in making new music and see if anyone liked it?

For me, the 7ound of7 (2007) is Sociopop. Pop music - catchy melodies, hooks, presentation - with lyrics of social commentary. We called it PROTEST in the 60's but it really wasn't, and long before most were "protesting" I was composing social comment lyrics like Everyone's Gone To The Moon or It's Good News Week and then, later, Johnny Reggae. Simply observing and conveying ideas that might provoke thoughts amongst others.

There is so little thought these days. Headline morality, simplistic caricatures. We have no time for deep consideration or anticipation of consequences. Since we really don't care, we accept, nice, basic, catchy soundbites. Whether it's Weapons Of Mass Destruction or Vile Pervert. So I hope anyone prepared to listen will also be ready to consider. You may end up agreeing or disagreeing with my conclusions but at least your mind, heart, soul and ears will have been willing to think.

Ultimately, of course, it's whether or not you like it. Music is to be enjoyed. Thoughts and awareness are all very well but music has one purpose - either you enjoy it or you don't. I'm happy to be judged on that basis. And a social message need not always be deadly serious. Mary My Love - I saw a girl and didn't think I stood a chance... Easy Lovin'... Nobody Wants The Plain Friend... A good tune, a catchy sound, the quality of singalong... that's pop. Happy music. If I make people happy that's fine.

Jonathan King, London, January 2007

Track Listing

1. Vile Pervert

2. Who's Been Polishing The Sun?

3. When Caravaggio Met Michelangelo

4. The Silver Stoat

5. Gimme Some 2007

6. Satan's Ultimate Weapon Of Mass Destruction

7. Easy Lovin'

8. The True Story Of Harold Shipman

9. He Stood In The Bath And He Stamped On The Floor

10. Professional Victims

11. Baby Let Me Follow You Down

12. The Geldof Principle (Do You Really Care?)

13. Mary My Love

14. I Hate Coca Cola

15. I Can't Get It Out Of My Head

16. Plead Guilty

17. The Box Of Love

18. Hello I Am Your Heart

19. You Show Me Yours And I'll Show You Mine

20. The Plain Friend

21. Let It All Hang Out

22. It Only Takes A Minute

23. Johnny Reggae

24. Loop di Love

25. Una Paloma Blanca

26. Everyone's Gone To The Moon

27. God Save All Queens


100 x 6 minute Autobiographical Video Blogs

Plus, music videos for some of the tracks on disc 1 in the Quicktime format.

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